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thodox Jewish parties who have vowed to stand behind him even if he is indicted.As the leader of the Likud party, Netanyahu's govern u▓ntil now has been steadfast with no real contestant▓ to his leadership within the party.Now, as the indictme▓nt becomes official, it remains to be se?/p>

but confident heart."Netanyahu, Israel's longest serving leader, is now in a di

坋n whether members of his party will dare to r▓un against him.Israel is now in a period of 21 day▓s during which anyone who can

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sition. After two failed attempts to form a government▓, the heavy weight of an i

enlist a majority of parliament members can attempt to form ▓a government.However, if Netanyahu's position in the Likud rema

ndictment ha
s the potentia l of crippling him when he is trying to recruit potential coalit

ins strong, it could be years before he is ousted."He will hang in there and tell the public that he is innocent until proven

ion partners
.Netanyahu currently▓ leads a b

guilty," said Gideon Rahat, professor of the Political Scien▓ce Department at the Hebrew Univ

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